What is a Blog? - A Complete Guide About Blog and Blogging

A Complete Guide to Understand the Concept of Blog and Blogging

Are you a New Blogger? Here is the complete guide to understanding the concept of Blog and Blogging.
A Complete Guide About Blog and Blogging
A Complete Guide About Blog and Blogging

A few years before people used to say that Mr. X has published a book and people often used to say that Mr. Y has published a  Content on News Paper. That time there was an honor of publishing content in News Paper or a Book.

But now the trend has been changed, if you want to publish or share your ideas, knowledge with the World, you can do this with the help of a Blog.

Now the question arises, What is a Blog? , How Can I start a Blog? What will be the cost to start a blog?

Please read the below content / Paragraph to get the answer to these question. In this content, we will study the basic idea about Blog and Process of blogging. So let’s begin...

What is a Blog?

To answer this question, I would like to say the basic concept of Blog.

In the old days, if we want to publish your idea or knowledge, we had to go to a publishing House or a media House with our content or written concept. We had to submit it at their office, they examine it, and if our content was not matching to their Policy they might reject it, and we were unable to publish our content, and they also charge us to post the material.

But in the current scenario of science and technology, if we want to publish content of our own, we can post it by sitting at home without any payment of a fee. Menace we are free to publish any material or knowledge with the world. Here we are the owner, we are the editor, we are the writer, and we are everything. This can be done with the help of the Blog.

So in a simple word, I would like to say Blog is a platform for sharing your ideas, knowledge, skills with the whole world by just clicking.

So if you have any idea or content to share, you can share it with the help of Blog.

Now we will see how you can Start a Blog?

 How Can I start a Blog?

A Complete Guide About Blog and Blogging
A Complete Guide About Blog and Blogging

Starting a blog is not difficult to work. But running a blog is challenging work. Starting a blog is very simple to work. Everyone can start a blog by one Click on Google.

To start a blog there are some requirements needed; these are as follows:

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Basic Knowledge
  • Content of Blogging

Domain Name

To start a blog, you may be required a Domain Name. As we have some specific address for communication similarly, Domain is an address for accessing or finding your Blog or Website.

Example: www.google.com, www.flipkart.com, www.jio4g.xyz, www.kalingatechnical.com, etc are the example of Domain Name.

You can use your domain name for blogging. With the help of domain a user can access or reach your blog or website correctly.

Now the question arises How you can get a Domain Name Free to start my Blog?

If you are a beginner  of Blogging, you can choose a free domain  from www.blogger.com or www.freenom.com, etc

If you want to grow your blogger, you have to buy a premium domain Premium Domain like .com or .in or .net or .co or .xyz, etc. which are not very costly. Its cost is between Rs.70-600.


Before going to hosting, I would like to say that, as you required a container to keep water or milk or food, similarly you will need a hosting to keep your Post or website data.

For blogging, you have to purchase hosting, or you may choose a free hosting plan, or you can choose Google Hosting which is free (Open Source) and works like premium Hosting.

What will be the cost to start a Blog?

Blogger is an Open Source and Free Platform. You can use the blogger free for lifetime. As I have told in the above paragraph, you required two things Domain and a hosting to start a blog, and you can begin to the blog without any cost.
What will be the cost to start a Blog?
What will be the cost to start a Blog?

But as you will grow with your blogging, you will need to purchase hosting and premium domain. But its free for all.

There are different platform to start a Blog like WordPress (30% of world’s Website run in this Platform), Blogger, etc. Blogger and tumbler are open source platform to start the blog.

I would suggest you start your Blog in blogger.com, which is free after getting much traffic you should move your blog to WordPress, as WordPress provides Many Features and very user-friendly for blogging, Where blogger has a limited number of features. Blogger is the product of Google.

I think you have understood something new about blogger and Blogging. Please put your E-mail Address in the sidebar to get all notification about blogger and blogging.

In the next Post, we will discuss a new Topic About Blogging.

So stay connected with us.

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