YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Scheme [AP]-2020 (Apply Now)

AP YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra-2020: Due to the Covid-19 lockdown Andhra Pradesh Government is planning to provide employment for returnee migrant laborers. So, there is a discussion is going on to launch a new farmer-friendly scheme YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra. In this post, I am going to provide all the important information related to this scheme.

YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Scheme

As you know, including India, the whole world is facing employment problems. When the lockdown was declared in India, the Andhra Pradesh Migrant laborers were returned to their native land. Therefore they lost their job. Now they are trying to engage themselves in different sectors. On the other hand, there is a very shortage of Jobs at the village level. To resolve this issue, the Andhra Pradesh Government is planning to launch a scheme YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra. This scheme is approximately similar to the Center’s Atma Nirvar Rojgar Avhiyan yojana.

YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Scheme

As I mentioned earlier, a huge number of AP migrant workers are now returning to their native villages from states like Gujrat, Maharastra, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. Hence, it’s a moral duty of the State Government to provide them a job. So, the agriculture department made a research and found that there will need a huge need for workers in the next 5 to 6 months for farming. As a result, there will be a huge opportunity to provide them a job.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh is now discussing for YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Scheme. Under this scheme, the Government will try to engage all the migrant workers. They will be provided 90 days of guaranteed work. As a result, they will try to manage themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Name of the SchemeYSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Scheme
ObjectiveProvide work to Migrant Workers
Launched byAndhra Pradesh Government
Launch DateTo be Announced
BeneficiariesMigrant Workers of Andhra Pradesh
Official Websitehttp://www.apagrisnet.gov.in/
YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Scheme

Objective of YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra Scheme

The main objective of this Scheme scheme is to provide job/works to all the migrant laborers with the help of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA). Hence, Rural Development Commissioner has asked all the district heads to sent their project report for YRSUM Scheme. So, the Government will allocate the work and will pay the amount of the minimum wage.

Work to be Done

Under this scheme, there will be need of labor for Kharip season agricultural works. As you know Kharip season will start from the last week of June and will continue till the end of November. Hence every standard farmer needs minimum 200-300 labor/worker for his farming. So, all the beneficiaries of this scheme will do the following work for farmers:

  1. Land Preparation
  2. Nursery bed Preparation
  3. Field Leveling
  4. Weeding
  5. Fertilization
  6. Seeding and picking
  7. Pesticide Sprinkling
  8. Alleys Formation
  9. Harvesting
  10. Crushing

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Daily Weighs

One of the Government officers stated that in the village level the farmers are ready to pay Rs.300 to Rs500 per head. So, all the beneficiaries of this scheme will get a minimum Rs.300 per day.

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Finally, I would like to say, YSR Rythu Seva Lo Upadhi Mitra scheme is going to help lots of migrant workers in Andhra Pradesh. Regarding this scheme, Srikakulam Agriculture Joint director K. Sridhar welcomed this yojana and said this is going to help both farmers who are looking for the labor and daily wages who are looking for work.

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